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We’re big believers in our community. Whether you’re a patient, clinical professional or a team member here at Epworth you’re all a part of our story.

Our social media channels are places where you can share experiences, tap into our knowledge, connect with people, meet our team or just have a laugh about the ups and downs of life.

If you have a story to tell or want to be more involved in our community please contact us



Get to know us, what we're up to and connect with others.


Twitter - @epworth

Come along with us to events, see stories from inside the hospital and get involved.

Youtube channel

From learning about how to breastfeed from a midwife and what to expect during chemotherapy to seeing our ground-breaking equipment in action -YouTube is                                 where it happens!.


Follow our professional activities, keep updated with job opportunities and industry news.


Special interest pages


Epworth Freemasons Maternity

Connect with our maternity community on Facebook, share insights, celebrate all things pregnancy and learn from our experts along the way.


​Instagram -@EpworthBabies​

Celebrating pregnancy, birth and the magic of being a parent. Share your #EpworthBabies by tagging us @EpworthBabies and using our hashtag.

Epworth Geelong Facebook

Stay connected to what’s happening at Epworth Geelong, including updates to services, health advice and photos from our community.



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