Quality of care


At Epworth HealthCare we aim to deliver excellence in every aspect of your care. We measure our performance against national standards and, where no national standards exist, we set our own. In fact, we often set higher standards for ourselves – we don’t just want to provide good care, we want to provide the best care.

Patient Satisfaction


We consider every aspect of your care – your medical needs, your physical comfort, communication. Providing excellent care means providing excellence across all these aspects, always. We enlist the services of a well known research agency to follow up with our patients and find out how they really think we did. This information is then used to improve our services.

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Hospital Standards

Epworth is accredited under the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards. The 10 standards provide a national statement about the level of care consumers can expect from health service organisations.

Accreditation is a formal process under which the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards and the International Organization for Standardization assess whether the healthcare organisation meets the relevant standards.

Hospitals must report their performance against the standards on a regular basis and are also subject to periodic reviews and assessments. See how we perform against the standards.

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Clinical Standards

Epworth aims to provide excellent care, everywhere, everyday.

In addition to hospital standards set by the accreditation agencies, we set our own clinical standards and monitor, review and evaluate all aspects of care and service against these.

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Continuous Improvement​

We strive to continuously improve our performance through the Epworth Excellence initiative. This program aims to promote a culture of success delivered through our values and behaviours.

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