Research at Epworth

Epworth HealthCare has made significant contributions to medical research in areas strongly linked to clinical care for over 90 years and continues to innovate and expand its research network. Epworth is committed to fostering research that will improve healthcare and enable Epworth’s patients to access novel treatments.


Epworth Healthcare continues to drive excellence in clinical research programs by promoting and supporting investigator-initiated and commercially-sponsored research, strengthening existing research collaborations and further developing national and international industry associations and government relations.

Epworth HealthCar​e research network includes:

  • 11 Clinical Institutes, each chaired by a leading specialist

  • Victor Smorgon Epworth Education and Research Institute

  • Partnerships with major Australian universities including The University of Melbourne, Monash University, Deakin University and LaTrobe University

  • Collaborations with other not-for-profit private hospitals across Australia

  • Affiliation with the renowned US teaching hospital, Cleveland Clinic

  • The following Epworth Research Centres:

      • Epworth Research Institute (ERI)

      • The Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre at Epworth

      • Epworth Radiation Oncology Research Centre (ERORC)

      • OrthoSport Victoria Research Centre

      • Epworth Musculoskeletal Research Centre

      • Epworth Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

      • Epworth Dermatology

What's N​ews?

Accredited ICH-GCP training

Epworth HealthCare employees, honorary research affiliates and VMOs undertaking research at/for Epworth have the opportunity to attend a free TransCelerate accredited ICH-GCP training course being run through Monash Partners.

GCP certification at least every 3 years will soon become a mandatory requirement for all investigators and support staff conducting interventional studies at Epworth HealthCare, thus it is strongly recommended that researchers and their support staff take advantage of this offer.

For more information visit the Resources for Researchers page.

Velos eCompl​​iance

Velos eCompliance is the new comprehensive online platform for research ethics and governance review administration at Epworth Healthcare. All submissions to the ethics committees and governance office including new project proposals, amendments and all forms of reports will be submitted, reviewed and processed through Velos eCompliance.

With the introduction of Velos eCompliance the submission process for Research Ethics and Governance reviews at Epworth HealthCare has changed. The NEAF, VSM  and SSA have been replaced by the Epworth Research Ethics Form and Epworth Research Governance Form. The Department of Health post approval submission forms (amendment, progress reports and safety report) have also been adapted to Epworth post approval forms. 

Training and support

Velos eCompliance User Manual


If you still have questions after consulting the Velos User Manual or feel that you would benefit from a training session please contact the Research Development & Governance team.

Access to eCompliance

  • Anyone who intends to conduct research at Epworth HealthCare will required a Velos login.

  • There are various ways to access the Velos eCompliance site, please download the Velos eCompliance User Manual for access options and instructions.

  • Access to eCompliance is available to Epworth employees and external researchers who will be submitting research to the Epworth HealthCare Human Research Ethics Committee or Low Risk Sub-Committee.


Request Velos Access


Please allow 5-7 days for internal (Epworth) requests and 10-12 days for external requests to be verified and actioned.