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1020 Doctors Found
41-50 of 1020 results
Name Specialty Hospital Special Interests
Mr Matt Barnes Orthopaedic Surgery
Sport and Exercise Medicine
Epworth Richmond
Epworth Eastern
Hip surgery, Knee surgery ...
Dr Craig Barnett General Medicine Epworth Freemasons Clarendon Street
Epworth Freemasons Victoria Parade
Epworth Richmond
Internal Medicine, General and Acute.
Mr Geoffrey Barnett Plastic Surgery Epworth Hawthorn Breast Surgery - including breast augmentation/reduction and gynaecomastia, Facial Cosmetic Surgery ...
Dr Rashid Bashir Cardiology
General Medicine
Epworth Richmond Echocardiography, Coronary Angiography ...
Mr Ramez Bassari General Surgery Epworth Richmond Bariatric/Weight loss Surgery (primary and revisional), Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery (Oesophagus, gastric, reflux, gall bladder, hernias) ...
Dr Safwat Bassili Ophthalmology Epworth Freemasons Victoria Parade Retina surgery, Cataract
Mr Iman Bayat Vascular Surgery Epworth Eastern
Epworth Richmond
Peripheral arterial disease - bypass and endovascular treatment, Endovenous treatment of varicose veins - laser and radiofrequency ...
Dr Ali Bazargan Clinical Haematology
Diagnostic Haematology
Epworth Richmond Clotting/bleeding disorders, Lymphomas ...
Prof Gavin Becker Nephrology Epworth Richmond
Dr Carolyn Beckett Infectious Diseases Epworth Richmond General infectious diseases
Results 41-50 of 1020 Doctors