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1038 Doctors Found
51-60 of 1038 results
Name Specialty Hospital Special Interests
Dr Peter Batchelor Neurology Epworth Geelong Parkinson’s Disease, Movement disorders
Mr Iman Bayat Vascular Surgery Epworth Eastern
Epworth Richmond
Peripheral arterial disease - bypass and endovascular treatment, Endovenous treatment of varicose veins - laser and radiofrequency ...
Dr Ali Bazargan Clinical Haematology
Diagnostic Haematology
Epworth Richmond Clotting/bleeding disorders, Lymphomas ...
Prof Gavin Becker Nephrology Epworth Richmond
Dr Carolyn Beckett Infectious Diseases Epworth Richmond General infectious diseases
Mr Harvinder Bedi Orthopaedic Surgery Epworth Eastern
Dr Lisa Begg Gynaecology
Epworth Freemasons Victoria Parade
Mr Andrew Beischer Orthopaedic Surgery Epworth Richmond Foot and ankle, Sports surgery
Mr Roger Bell Vascular Surgery Epworth Richmond Aortic Aneurysm now effectively treated by endovascular means with minimal downtime., Peripheral Vascular Disease - treated with endovascular or open vascular techniques ...
Mr Stephen Bell Colorectal Surgery
General Surgery
Epworth Richmond Colorectal Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease ...
Results 51-60 of 1038 Doctors