Hospital in the Home


The Hospital in the Home Unit (HHU) offers clients the advantages of home nursing and medical care for acute conditions that would otherwise require care in a traditional ward. Opened in February 2000, it is the first private Hospital in the Home Unit in Australia.




The team is committed to providing optimal personalised health care and meet the individual needs of clients.

  • Clients have 24 hours per day medical and nursing contact, just a phone call away if concerns arise.

  • Client care involves the nursing staff and the medical team visiting the patients at home daily.

  • Clients are considered as inpatients of Epworth, with the advantages of home nursing and medical care, and the hospital’s resources such as pharmacy, pathology and radiology available as necessary.

  • External care providers’ services, such as housekeeping, meals provision, and personal care can be arranged as necessary.


The HHU team is led by Medical Director Dr Michael Montalto


Availability of Service


  • Hospital in the Home Unit is offered at all Epworth HealthCare campuses

  • Care is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year

  • Clients have 24 hours per day Medical and Nursing contact just a phone call away if concerns arise




Most Health Funds support Epworth’s Hospital in the Home Unit. Patients are funded by their health fund as a standard hospital admission.



Referral of Clients


For patient referrals contact Dr Michael Montalto, Senior Medical Consultant through reception, phone 03 9426 6091.

The HHU Team Leader can also be contacted on 0407 530 954.

Please note all patient referrals should be made by a Medical Officer.

HHU patients can be referred internally from the Emergency Department or wards.

Other hospitals and GPs can also refer patients who have private health insurance.





For further information please contact the unit on 03 9426 8600.

Senior Medical Consultant

Dr Michael Montalto

Phone 03 9426 6091 or page 03 9426 6666.