Hospital in the Home


Epworth’s Hospital in the Home Unit is designed to substitute acute home care for patients who would otherwise need treatment in a traditional hospital bed. It is a clinical unit/ward of the hospital, with its own medical, nursing and administrative staff and full access to the technology and support services of the hospital.

What does HHU do?

Hospital in the Home is able to complete the management of patients already admitted to hospital who require ongoing acute care of serious conditions, including

  • ​Hospital acquired infections: infected prosthesis, hospital acquired pneumonia, surgical wound infections.
  • Serious infections including osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, endocarditis, epidural or spinal abscesses, etc
  • Anticoagulation: following new AF, peri-operative management of anticoagulation for people on Warfarin, complicated DVT, pulmonary emboli
  • MS, ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory disorders requiring intravenous steroid
  • Other traumatic or neoplastic conditions
  • Negative pressure (VAC) wound therapy

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Senior Medical Consultant

Dr Michael Montalto

Phone: (03) 94266666

HHU Team Leader

Mobile: 0407530954