Training and Leadership Development

Epworth HealthCare focuses on leadership development across the organisation, both formally and informally. We recognise that our leaders want and need continued development, and the Leadership Development Programs and One Day Workshops at Epworth are designed to provide leaders with the right development, at the right time in the right way.

Leadership development is offered on each management level, and varies from two hour workshops to 12+ month programs, leading to a Diploma of Leadership and Management (fully funded by Epworth). Epworth Leadership Development Programs are hugely successful with large amounts of interest from employees and demonstrated leadership growth.  We also have a structured 6 month orientation program for new leaders to support them in their role transition.

In addition to formalised learning from programs and one day workshops, Epworth supports on-the-job application of skills and knowledge using coaching, job rotations, shadowing and acting up opportunities. 

Providing great opportunities for our leaders and their continuing development is an important part of our workplace culture and commitment to staff.

Other training initiatives include:

  • Scholarship Program
  • Undergraduate Nursing Programs
  • Graduate Nursing Programs
  • Postgraduate Nursing Programs
  • Introduction to Specialty Programs​
  • Simulation Centers
  • Medical Training