Epworth Staff Scholarships – a generous gift

Unique Scholarship program to name 133 award recipients

For the sixth year in a row, Epworth Healthcare is able to offer scholarship awards to staff across all sites. One hundred and thirty-three scholarships, valued at $703,000 will be announced for 2018, thanks to the generous ongoing support of Epworth HealthCare donors and sponsors. 

Minimising injuries to staff along with strategies for their wellbeing will be the focus of a European study tour planned by Sarah

Thompson, thanks to an Epworth Scholarship Award announced this week.

The scholarship program, introduced by the Epworth Medical Foundation in 2012, is enormously popular with both donors and staff and unique among Australian healthcare organisations.   

As Group Manager Occupational Health and Safety for Epworth Sarah received a Lorraine Topol Scholarship award to visit a number of UK hospitals and attend International Ergonomics Conference in Florence from 26-30 August 2108. 

The donation was made by the family of Lorraine Topol as a tribute to her life-time of work, caring and seeking to help others. Lorraine was treated and passed away from Lung Cancer at Epworth in 2014. 

Sarah said she was very grateful to Lorraine’s family for giving her the opportunity to investigate the health and safety risks relevant to Epworth and to identify innovative solutions to minimise these. She hopes to meet other health and safety professionals and benchmark Epworth’s results against large and complex health organisations.

“I am delighted to receive such important recognition and support for her work and career development, which would ultimately benefit the staff at Epworth”, Sarah said. 

“I’m excited to attend the conference and hear about best practice healthcare ergonomics and patient safety, robots and automation, musculoskeletal disorders, safety management, wellbeing at work and more. 

“I’m particularly interested in developing a behavioural safety culture program; better risk management of musculoskeletal injuries; and how to address occupational violence in the workplace.”

“I will also look into areas of hospital design; storage; emergency management training and procedures; and managing patients with dementia,” she said.

Epworth conveys warm congratulations to each and every scholarship recipient, and heartfelt thanks to our insightful donors and sponsors.​

Photo: Sarah Thompson pictured with Paul, Sheryl and Lily Rosen and Epworth Group CEO Dr Lachlan Henderson​.