Triathlon success for Epworth Rehabilitation

They’ve done it again! Triathlon success for Epworth Rehabilitation.


For the second year in a row, Epworth Rehabilitation’s Tamara Luke, Jemma Keeves and Amelia Inglis finished first in the women’s category of the 2018 Melbourne Corporate Triathlon event.

Although we can’t let the women’s team have all the glory, Epworth also placed first, second and third in the healthcare and medical division amongst competitors which included Eastern Health, Ambulance Victoria, Melbourne Sports Physiotherapy and Lort Smith Animal Hospital.


Held along Elwood Beach on Sunday 4 March, this year’s event saw a record 30 participants across our division participating – there were 794 teams and 2382 participants in total.


Forming ten groups of three, participants took it in turns to finish each of the three triathlon disciplines (400m swim, 10km ride and 4km run) before tagging their teammate to start their leg.  


The conditions were tough with heavy wind gusts making every leg all the more challenging. 


After several months of training everyone should be proud of their efforts, especially the nine triathlon first timers!

 Congratulations to all of our participants and a special mention to physiotherapist Edwina Sutherland for being the team manager, organizing the event and encouraging everyone with their training. 


Jemma Keeves
Amelia Inglis
Tamara Luke

Bec Davey
Kat Meharry
Ellen Walls

Tim Roocke
Jack Behne
Chris Weiers

Tara Bewley
Amy Leong
Elizabeth Moore

Edwina Sutherland
Hannah Ryan
Adrian Sexton

Steph Gill

Ash O’Brien

Keegan Fitzgerald


Jillian Hardy
Britt Roos
Megan Kiteley
Epworth 9

Lucie Hardiman

Jacqui Harris

Georgia Flanagan


Christopher Allen
Mark Bishop
Harvey Jones
Epworth 10

Meg Crameri

Elizabeth McIntyre

Mel Foster


Image1: Amelia Inglis, Jemma Keeves and Tamara Luke at the finish line.