Clinical Standards

This section contains key statistical data from our clinical areas.

It is important for any hospital to know that outcomes of care are acceptable and to know where their levels of care sit compared to other hospitals and what is best practice.

At Epworth, we compare our outcomes to independent benchmarks, average results from a larger group of hospitals, or through regular clinical audits.  We also participate in clinical registries. These are independently managed databases that collect health-related information on individuals who undergo a certain procedure, or are treated with a particular device or drug (eg joint replacement); are diagnosed with a particular illness (eg cancer), or are treated via a specific healthcare resource (eg intensive care unit).

It is through these processes that Epworth can see successes, identify areas for improvement and track progress.

Epworth’s outcomes can be found in the section ‘Our Performance’ under each of the Clinical Institutes.​

Our top specialty areas


Specialities by number of bed days in FY 2018

​Speciality ​Bed Days
​1. ​Rehabilitation ​68,627
​2. ​Orthopaedic surgery ​40,354
​3. ​General Surgery
​4. ​General Medicine
​5. Gynaecology ​18,977
​6. ​Obstetrics ​18,657
​7. ​Cardiology
​8. ​Medical Oncology ​18,029
​9. Urology ​16,829
​10. ​Gastroenterology ​15,307

Specialities by admissions in FY 2018

​Speciality ​Admissions
​1. Medical Oncology ​23,622
​2. ​​General Surgery 18,628
​3. Orthopaedic Surgery ​15,316
​4. ​Gynaecology
​5. Nephrology ​14,642
​6. Gastroenterology ​13,105
​7. Urology ​  12,862
​8. ​Plastic Surgery ​
​9. Cardilogy   ​6,670
​10. Rehabilitation ​  5,930