Standard 10


Standard 10: Preventing falls and harm from falls


Reduce the incidence of patient falls and minimise harm from falls.

Hospital Standards


Epworth is accredited under the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. These national standards apply to all health services organisations and state the minimum level of care – the national benchmark – that consumers can expect. Hospitals must report their performance against the standards on a regular basis and are also subject to periodic reviews and assessments.

For further information, refer to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards Guide (PDF).


Epworth Standards


At Epworth we want to provide excellent patient care. For this reason, we set our own, stricter benchmarks against each of the standards, and we measure our performance against these. The table below provides details of the national benchmark, the Epworth internal benchmark and our average result against each of the items.

​Standard 10: Preventing falls and harm from falls
​National Benchmark
​Epworth HealthCare Internal Benchmark
​Epworth HealthCare Average 2014
Epworth HealthCare Average 2015 Average FY 2015-16 ​†
​Falls rate ​2.80 ​2.50 ​2.70 2.60 #​ 3.20 #​
​Falls with harm rate ​0.63 ​0.35 ​0.32 0.27 #​ 0.33 #​
Falls with serious injury rate 0.06 ​0.00 ​0.06 0.08 #​ 0.08 #​

Rate=per 1,000 bed days.​

# A lower number is better.
† Figures for year ending 30/6/2016.​



  • Since 2009, falls where harm occurred have remained better than the national benchmark.

We are working on


Despite our positive results, our aim is to continue to reduce all falls. Some of the activities to minimise patient falls include:

  • hourly patient visits by nursing and physiotherapists and regular communications to ensure that the patient and their family/carer understand the potential risk of falls
  • revision of the falls risk assessment tool to be more comprehensive and inclusive of documented preventative strategies
  • annual focus month to highlight the importance of falls prevention
    patient, family and carer information brochures outlining what patients can do to minimise their risk of falls in all hospital environments – acute, rehabilitation, therapy areas
  • introduction of warning systems to aid patients with impaired cognition
  • assessing patient environments for fall hazards
  • introduction of rehabilitation services to help reduce the risk of falls.

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