Continuous Improvement


We strive to continuously improve our performance through the Epworth Excellence initiative. This program aims to promote a culture of success delivered through our values and behaviours.

Epworth Excellence sets standards for staff to improve customer service, employment practices and leadership and development.

Epworth is committed to achieving a top ranking in employee and doctor satisfaction and customer service with the following focus points:

Values and behaviours

The Epworth Excellence initiative brings to life our values and behaviours which ensure we provide exceptional care as well as continue to be a great place to work.

Our values are:

  • respect
  • excellence
  • compassion
  • community
  • integrity
  • accountability.

Each value also includes a set of behaviours to live and work by. We ask new and existing staff as well as doctors to acknowledge their commitment to these values and behaviours.

Customer service

img-rounding.jpgEpworth employs external agencies to measure our customer service and benchmark us against other health care providers.

To improve our service we have implemented rounding at all hospitals. Hourly rounding involves a nurse visiting a patient every hour to check on their pain, comfort, personal needs, and next steps in their care. It aims to minimise risk and maximise care. Hourly rounding assists staff to build a relationship of trust with patients, and in turn, patients know what to expect with their day to day care.

Leader rounding involves the manager of a shift visiting every patient at some point during their shift. This assists in ensuring patients are receiving a quality service and helps address concerns immediately.

Epworth also strives for consistency in all communication with patients—from food service staff, to cleaning and ward staff. Staff who enter patients rooms introduce themselves by name and role and explain what they are doing and how long it will take.

Employer of choice

One of Epworth's goals is to become an employer of choice, where we attract and retain the best possible talent by recognising and rewarding great performance. We are committed to being the best organisation for individuals to start their career, to receive opportunities for development and to reach their full potential and aspirations.

Some of the initiatives Epworth have undertaken include:

  • significant investment in developing our human resources services
  • innovative programs such as $10,000 worth of scholarships available each year for all
  • employees to develop their knowledge and skills by undertaking special educational programs
  • recognising high performing employees through service and excellence awards
  • a group wide leadership development suite.

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Leadership development

Epworth invests significantly in leadership development opportunities in a 70:20:10 framework. This breaks down as:

  • 10% of learning is provided in formal 'classroom' settings
  • 20% of learning occurs through and from others
  • 70% of learning comes from application of new skills in the workplace and ‘on the job’ experience.

All Epworth employees are encouraged to discuss their development needs and career aspirations with their manager on an ongoing basis and in particular during annual performance appraisals.

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