Clinical Education and Simulation Centres

Epworth HealthCare has dedicated clinical skills and simulation facilities at Epworth Richmond and Epworth Eastern for students and staff to enhance their clinical skills and knowledge. These state-of-art centres, which include simulated operating suite areas, wards and mannekins help students and staff replicate real life scenarios in realistic settings. The benefit of simulation-based clinical education is that students can learn skills and techniques in a safe and supportive environment. Epworth also has mobile simulation capability for on-site training where a dedicated facility is not available.


Epworth Richmond


The Clinical Education and Simulation Centre at Epworth Richmond is located at 89 Bridge Road. It includes:


  • Eight tutorial rooms
  • Clinical skills laboratory
  • Fully equipped simulated operating theatre
  • Single bedroom with en suite
  • Multipurpose four-bed area


The centre has full audio visual capability for live viewing of scenarios with the ability to play back for debriefing. Equipment includes high fidelity mannekins that have the ability to mimic critical medical events, respond to treatment and be verbally interactive with the participants. There are a variety of anatomical models for practising specific skills such as CPR, intravenous cannulation and catheterisation. The area is equipped to provide a versatile learning environment.


Tutorial/debriefing rooms and a clinical skills dry laboratory compliments the facility to allow for group facilitated discussions and  group presentations.


There is a large open library space designed to support individual and different social learning styles, with print and online journals, books and a range of wider information services supplied by dedicated Library staff.



Epworth Eastern


The Epworth Eastern Education Centre is located at the Elgar Hill Suites, 28 Arnold St, Box Hill, off site from the main hospital.


The centre consists of a three-bed simulation space, including an area for an operating table and scrub sink, a control area and tutorial rooms with interactive videoconferencing ability. The area has been designed for group tutorials, facilitated discussions,  group presentations, clinical skills sessions using part task trainers and immersive team scenarios using high fidelity mannekins, with live audiovisual viewing and video debriefing functionality.



Mobile In-situ / Simulation Education 


The Simulation staff at Epworth also deliver a range of simulation-based education across all Epworth sites, with in-situ scenarios utilising high fidelity mannekins and video debriefing offered at sites where dedicated simulation areas are not available.



For further information contact
Tess Vawser
Director of Clinical Education and Simulation
Epworth HealthCare 
Email:Director of Clinical Education and Simulation