Education Programs

Epworth HealthCare has a busy education program comprising of weekly clinical meetings, clinical audit sessions, regular graduate and postgraduate teaching seminars, and frequent national and occasional international symposia.


These educational opportunities are open to health professionals from every discipline and contribute to continuing professional development at Epworth.

GP CPD Education

The GP Liaison Unit coordinates a monthly CPD educational program for GPs and is fully accredited by the RACGP to run Category 1 and Category 2 Activities. Monthly meetings are presented in lecture style at Epworth Richmond or at a restaurant. All education meetings are free to attend. The GP Liaison Unit also coordinates off-site Education Programs at metropolitan GP clinics.


For further information, contact the GP Liaison Unit on 03 9426 8504 or 03 9426 6553.

Nursing Education

Nurses at Epworth are supported by a:


  • Comprehensive graduate program
  • Collegial atmosphere through teaching partnerships 
  • Commitment to professional development through a wide range of postgraduate study opportunities
  • Diverse work environment where staff advance clinical practice and maintain excellence throughout our campuses


To find out more visit our For Nurses page.

Medical Education

The Definitive Surgical Trauma Care (DSTC) course is recommended by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons for all consultant surgeons and final year trainees who participate in care of the injured. It is considered essential for surgeons involved in the management of major trauma and those working in remote, regional and rural areas.


The DSTC course is an invigorating and exciting opportunity to focus on:


  • Surgical decision-making in complex scenarios

  • Operative technique in critically ill trauma patients

  • Hands on practical experience with experienced instructors (both national and international)

  • Insight into difficult trauma situations with learned techniques of haemorrhage control and the ability to handle major thoracic, cardiac and abdominal injuries


The Definitive Perioperative Nurses Trauma Care (DPNTC) ​course is held in conjunction with DSTC courses. It is aimed at registered nurses with experience in perioperative nursing and allows them to develop these skills in a interprofessional setting.