Epworth Research Grants

Applications for 2020 Epworth Research Grants are open Monday 30th September to 5pm Friday 1st November 2019.

To apply please review the Applicant Guidelines and complete the Application Form.

Epworth Research grants are intended to build research capacity at Epworth and produce outcomes that will be directly relevant to Epworth’s clinical service delivery.

In 2020, over $600,000 in funds will be available across the following categories:

Early Career Researcher Capacity Building Grants ​Grants  available, up to $30,000 each ​These grants are aimed at supporting Epworth researchers to undertake projects that will allow them to gain experience in research.
​Pilot Research Studies ​Grants available, up to $10,000 each These grants are aimed at supporting Epworth researchers to undertake pilot studies that will define whether  a project is feasible or worth pursuing further.​
​Specific Research Areas ​pancreatic cancer research project up to $61,000

Gynaecological research up to $130,000

Cardiology research up to $55,000

Prostate cancer research up to $25,000

Nephrology research up to $30,000
​This funding must be related to these areas but can be across the spectrum of health areas and from any discipline.

To be eligible to apply for a research grant the project must be primarily undertaken at Epworth and the Principal Investigator must be an Epworth employee or accredited clinician with the majority of their private practice at Epworth.

For further information please see the Application Guidelines and Application form attached, or contact the Research Governance Unit by email gary.layton@epworth.org.au or 9936 8057.