Research at Epworth

Epworth HealthCare has made significant contributions to medical research in areas strongly linked to clinical care for over 90 years and continues to innovate and expand its research network. Epworth is committed to fostering research that will improve healthcare and enable Epworth’s patients to access novel treatments.


Epworth Healthcare continues to drive excellence in clinical research programs by promoting and supporting investigator-initiated and commercially-sponsored research, strengthening existing research collaborations and further developing national and international industry associations and government relations.

Epworth HealthCare research network includes:

  • 11 Clinical Institutes, each chaired by a leading specialist

  • Partnerships with major Australian universities including The University of Melbourne, Monash University, Deakin University and LaTrobe University

  • Collaborations with other  public and not-for-profit private hospitals across Australia

  • Affiliation with the renowned US teaching hospital, Cleveland Clinic

Contact the Research Development and Governance Unit


Health and Medical Research is an important part of Epworth HealthCare’s commitment to excellent clinical services. The Research Development Unit is here to assist researchers both internal and external to navigate through the resource and regulatory requirements at our hospitals and facilities.


If you are intending to undertake research at Epworth please contact the Research Development Unit.