Doctor Profile

Dr Con Giannellis

Dr Giannelis practises as a Consultant Physician in Intensive Care & Perioperative Medicine.Dr Con Giannellis is currently a practicing senior Intensivist at Epworth Richmond and a practicing Perioperative Physician at Epworth and St Vincent’s private hospitals. He was previously also the ICU Director at Epworth Eastern. He is also currently an active member of multiple Epworth committees including: Critical Care Institute; Council of Intensive Care; and Perioperative Physician’s Group. He has also held the positions of elected member and deputy chair of the College of Intensive Care Medicine Victorian Regional Committee. Dr Giannellis has a keen interest in decreasing mortality and morbidity risk in perioperative patients.



  • General Medicine
  • Intensive Care

Clinical Institute

Special Interests

  • Decreasing mortality and morbidity risk in perioperative patients
  • Obesity in ICU patients


  • MD, 1989
  • AMC

Contact Details & For Appointments

All appointments: 0401 336 662 (Mena)

Consulting Address

    • Ekera Medical Centre
    • Level 3, Suite 3.01
    • 116 – 188 Thames Street
    • Box Hill VIC 3128

Professional Associations

  • RACP
  • CICM
  • European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine

Additional Languages

  • Greek

Education and Training

  • Teaching and medical education of students, registrars and trainees rotating through ICU
  • Senior Examiner for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians