Epworth Health Informatics Management Unit

Digital Health Futures Forum (DHFF)
Tuesday 25 September 2018, 5.15pm–6.30pm
Epworth Library | ER-Cato Wing, L5 Library Booth 1

Explore opportunities at Epworth for augmented reality and virtual reality.

Virtual reality (VR) enables the user to fully immerse in a simulated environment. It is a natural fit for medicine. Application areas include remote surgery, medical training and education and pain management.

Unlike VR where you bring the user into a digital world, augmented reality (AR) brings digital information into the real world.

At this forum, see leading examples of AR and VR use in US and UK healthcare. Plus, some Australian solutions. Open your minds to the possibilities.

Wine and cheese served.


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For bookings:

Phone: (03) 9426 8568
Email: Damian.Claydon-Platt@epworth.org.au