Postgraduate Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing

Epworth Richmond offers clinical and academic support for registered nurses undertaking post graduate studies in medical and surgical fields.

These courses are offered by numerous universities with exit levels from the course at; Certificate, Diploma and Masters Level.

Course Structure


Each university offers courses which vary in the amount of class versus online content. When choosing a university and course, you should consider how you learn along with time commitments from home and work, before making your choice.

Common study time requirements are:

  • Certificate level – One year
  • Diploma Level – A further One year
  • Masters Level – A further 1.5 – 2 years commonly.


Epworth Offers

  • Extensive Library resources available locally.
  • Integrated workplace assessments
  • Support of Clinical Nurse Educator


Application Process

This process is only open to those currently employed by Epworth Healthcare seeking to undertake post graduate studies during their employment within their current clinical area.


  1. Investigate university courses that are relevant to your professional development and interest you.
  2. Discuss interests and course outline including tasks that need to be completed in your clinical area, with your CNE, unit manager, allocated individual that completes your professional development plan.
  3. Undertake the two stage application process.

Two stage application

Each stage of this process is independent of the other.

Epworth Application – Open {enter approx. time frame}

  1. Apply through mercury e-recruit for post graduate study positions.
  2. Attain and complete formal interview
  3. Have a successful application outcome
  4. Sign new contract and change of details form


University Application – Open from September

  1. Apply for your chosen course through the university portal
  2. Follow and complete university specific enrolment details.


Further information can be sought from your local education team.​