Undergraduate Nursing Programs


Epworth HealthCare has partnerships with Universities and TAFEs (Technical and Further Education) for undergraduate nursing programs at all Epworth campuses. This is a great opportunity to experience what Epworth has to offer towards undergraduate education and the state of the art services that we provide to our clients.


We provide clinical exposure in all specialised areas including: Cardiac, Critical Care, Emergency, General Surgery, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, General Medicine, Maternity, Musculoskeletal, Neuroscience, Oncology, Rehabilitation, Surgical Specialties including ear, nose and throat (ENT), Vascular Surgery and Community Nursing.


We use the Simulation Laboratory for educational development and enhancement of clinical skills to ensure a safe, supportive and realistic clinical environment.  Students learn and practice skills at each stage of their nursing degree, developing more complex care skills as they progress. The students have the opportunity to practice their skills with advanced simulation manikins and skill based manikins. Read more about our state-of-the-art simulation facilities


We offer clinical placements through Deakin University, Monash University, Australian Catholic University, the Australian Nursing Federation, RMIT, Victoria University, Holmesglen Institute, Box Hill TAFE, Charles Darwin University, LaTrobe University and the University of South Australia.


All clinical placements are undertaken at Epworth utilising a Preceptorship Model. The preceptors play an important role in developing students with the values of Epworth enabling students to build relationships with Epworth staff members and become a valued member of the Epworth team. 


We offer the following clinical undergraduate programs:


Collaborative Clinical Education Epworth Deakin (CCEED)

The Collaborative Clinical Education Epworth Deakin (CCEED) program is designed to optimise the clinical learning experience of Deakin undergraduate nursing students at Epworth, with the aim of developing a more work-ready nurse.


Deakin University undergraduate nursing students undertake tutorials and laboratory classes at Epworth Richmond and Simulation Laboratory respectively. All clinical placements are held at Epworth Acute hospitals.  The tutorials and laboratories consist of Deakin content taught by Epworth Richmond staff members utilising the equipment, policies and procedures of Epworth.


The CCEED model provides additional professional development for Deakin undergraduate nursing students, including seminars, in-services and educational days. The model is one of few where undergraduate clinical collaboration has evolved within the private hospital sector. The familiarity with Epworth that the Deakin undergraduate nursing students develop increases their confidence. The overall aim is to encourage development of the undergraduates to become more work-ready nurse graduates.


Many of the CCEED students have joined Epworth starting with their Graduate year and have gone on to complete postgraduate studies and research.


For more information, go to www.deakin.edu.au


Australian Catholic University (ACU) Flexible Model

Students enrolled in the second or third year Bachelor of Nursing course at Australian Catholic University (ACU) may undertake clinical experience in the medical/surgical area under the flexible model. The flexible model allows for students to complete the required clinical hours over a number of weeks, rather than the traditional ‘block /intensive’ mode. Typically the flexible placement involves 15–20 shifts over 12–18 weeks.


The program allows the facility and students to negotiate attendance and assists the student in forming ongoing professional relationships during the course of the placement. Students get a more realistic clinical experience with learning spread over a longer period, feel part of the team and develop a sense of professional responsibility.

Clinical supervision is provided by a Clinical Liaison Nurse familiar with the organisation and committed to providing the best learning experiences possible.


For more information, go to www.acu.edu.au


Box Hill Epworth Eastern (BHEE) Program

Being a part of the Box Hill Epworth Eastern (BHEE) Fellowship provides vast opportunities for clinical learning at one of Victoria’s leading private and emerging teaching hospitals.


The fellowship is offered to eight students per group, who will undertake all placements at Epworth Eastern throughout their course.


Clinical placements are a priority for Epworth Eastern, and are arranged in conjunction with the Group Undergraduate Coordinator and Epworth Eastern to ensure you are provided with the best placement for your area of study. They are facilitated by Epworth’s own clinical facilitators (where possible you will have the same facilitator for all placements for the duration of the course) who are familiar with the organisation and committed to providing the best learning experiences possible.


Undertaking the BHEE’s fellowship is a great stepping stone into our Enrolled Nurse Graduate Nurse Program, which provides guidance in a supportive and nurturing environment.


For more information, go to www.bhtafe.edu.au


Nursing Education Collaboration Holmesglen Epworth (NECHE) Program

Epworth and Holmesglen Institute have a partnership to provide educational and clinical opportunities to Diploma of Nursing students and Bachelor of Nursing students from Holmesglen.


Epworth nurses provide the teaching and clinical placement facilitation to these students. The objective of this unique program is to develop workplace ready nurses to ensure best practice and patient outcomes are continually achieved. The NECHE model provides additional professional development for the clinical staff at Epworth through preceptorship training and clinical teaching development.


For more information, go to www.holmesglen.edu.au