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Epworth HealthCare welcomes you

Epworth HealthCare welcomes you as a new medical doctor and a valued contributor to Victoria’s largest non-for-profit private healthcare group, renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation. Established in 1920, Epworth HealthCare's purpose is to improve the health, wellbeing and experience of every patient by integrating clinical practice with education and research. By 2017 Epworth seeks to be the leading patient-centred and academic healthcare organisation in the Victorian private sector.


 Our network consists of 8 hospitals and 3 specialist centres, with over 1200 beds available for inpatient care and providing services to over 112,000 patients annually. In total we have over 4,500 employed staff, and our medical workforce consists of approximately 3000 appointed medical practitioners across 50 specialties, comprised of Medical Specialists, doctors in training, career medical officers, fellows and surgical assistants. We also take pride as an approved research institute and a teaching organization, with clinical rotations undertaken by medical students from Monash and Melbourne Universities.

At Epworth we pride ourselves on the care we give to our patients. We define this common goal as consistently delivering excellent patient-centred care with compassion and dignity.


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