Appointment to Practice





​Epworth Foundation By-Laws​

Epworth HealthCare has over 2500 doctors practicing in a wide variety of specialties across its campuses.


All doctors who practise at Epworth HealthCare are required to undertake a formal accreditation process in accordance with the provisions of the Epworth Foundation By-Laws


All medical professionals should review the By-Laws prior to applying to practise at Epworth and will commit to the provisions of the By-Laws as part of the application process.


Download Epworth Foundation By-Laws PDF

Epworth Doctors C​harter


The Epworth Doctors Charter ​outlines the benefits that Epworth is committed to providing our appointed medial specialists as a part of the Epworth Experience. 


We value the contribution our doctors make in improving the health, wellbeing and experience of every patient and seek to create a supportive professional environment that sustains excellent and productive specialists who are committed and aligned to Epworth. 


The Epworth Doctors Charter​ complements the obligations that you make to Epworth and outlines a number of initiatives that will be progressively developed and monitored across Epworth over 2016-17.​ 


Download Epworth Doctors Charter 2016-17 PDF


Epworth Values and Behaviours


All medical practitioners at Epworth HealthCare must adhere to and support our organisational Values and Behaviours. Further details of professional roles and responsibilities are contained within the Epworth By-Laws (see above).





For specialists new to Epworth practice


As part of the application process to undertake specialist practice at any Epworth location, you will need to discuss your plans and opportunities with the appropriate site management. Please complete the Specialist Expression of Interest Form (by clicking on the button below) and select your preferred primary Epworth location. You will be contacted promptly by the relevant site management team.



Specialist Expression of Interest


For specialists with current Epworth appointment


From 1 July 2015 the process for reapplying for medical appointment to practice at Epworth has changed.  Current specialists will be contacted by a representative of their primary Epworth site to discuss current and future plans with Epworth. The centralised reapplication process will occur subsequent to this site-based discussion.


If you have less than two months until the end date of your current appointment to practice, and have not yet been contacted, please contact your relevant medical director as below:



For queries regarding your Specialist appointment application please email​


Surgical Assistant


Please note that this application will only allow you to undertake Surgical Assistant duties at Epworth. Medical practitioners seeking to undertake additional medical care should apply as the appropriate role (Specialist or Doctor in Training). Please note that this represents an application only and does not guarantee the right to practice until confirmed in writing by Epworth. If you would like to apply for appointment ONLY as a Surgical Assistant please see Application for Non Specialist Appointment to Practice

For queries regarding your Surgical Assistant appointment application please email

Junior Medical Staff (Intern, HMO, Registrar, Career Medical Officer)


Application for appointment as an Epworth DIT should only be undertaken if you have a confirmed Epworth appointment or rotation to an Epworth site as part of a training rotation. DITs wishing to undertake surgical assisting roles at Epworth should apply as Surgical Assistants. Please note that this represents an application only and does not guarantee the right to practice until confirmed in writing by Epworth.  If you would like to apply for appointment ONLY as one of the Doctor in Training categories, please download the Appointment to Practice application form.​​ 

For queries regarding your Junior Medical appointment application please email​ 


Provisional appointment only


Provisional Appointment refers to a situation such as where the appointment process cannot be completed because further information is required and there is a compelling service need for the Specialist to practice at Epworth, or the Specialist is under supervision for defined procedures (such as training in robotic surgery). Application for temporary emergency accreditation, known as Provisional Registration, will only be considered in the above cases from existing applicants for full Specialist Appointment. Please discuss any requirements with the Medical Director associated with the primary site of your application.


Temporary/locum accreditation only


Temporary/Locum Appointment refers to a short term and/or time-limited appointment required for compelling service or educational needs such as locum or cover arrangements, proctoring, training-related procedures or emergency procedures. It will only be considered in the above cases which must be requested by a Medical Practitioner with full Epworth Appointment. Specialists with current Appointments to Practice at Epworth should contact the Medical Director associated with their primary site to discuss these requests.

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