Epworth Cliveden



Epworth Cliveden

29 Simpson Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002 Australia


  • Phone: 03 9107 4500
  • Fax: 03 9419 0347

Epworth Cliveden—formerly Cliveden Hill Private Hospital—has operated as a hospital for over 100 years and in recent times has become a boutique facility specialising in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynaecology, pain management, breast surgery and maxillofacial surgery. The hospital is a 28 bed facility with two operating theatres.
Epworth Cliveden has a long and rich history which is beautifully captured as you walk through the front entrance of this stately mansion. The building, designed in the arcaded Italianate style, was originally built as a home in 1878 and was converted into a hospital in 1900.
Some minor refurbishment of the facility has occurred since Epworth HealthCare acquired the hospital and Epworth Cliveden reopened for business in June 2010.