For visitors

Visiting hours


Visitors are welcome at Epworth Hawthorn during the following times:


Monday to Friday:            4pm - 8pm

Saturday and Sunday:    2pm - 8pm


To visit outside these times, please contact the ward or unit manager as patients may be attending therapy treatment between 9am - 4pm.


Long visits may tire patients, so please show consideration and stay for short periods only. We also ask that visitors are considerate of other patients and keep noise levels low when visiting, and supervise children at all times.

In the interest of all patients, if you feel unwell or know you have a cold or flu please refrain from visiting until your health improves. Please encourage others to take similar protective measures.


Lilies are known to cause allergies and related symptoms in some people. In order to protect our patients, staff and visitors from this known allergen, Epworth does not allow lilies to be brought into any of our hospitals. All other flowers are welcome.



Accommodation for visitors

There is a wide range of hotels and similar accommodation in most price brackets close to the hospital. If you  need more information about local accommodation please discuss with a social worker.