For patients




Epworth Richmond provides both private and shared accommodation. We will always aim to meet your preference, however there may be occasions where we are unable to accommodate your request. Please speak with your nurse if your preference is for privte accommodation.


All rooms have a television, radio and telephone.


In-house movies are played on channel 8, 11 and 12. A different movie is played on each channel daily, beginning every 3 hours from midnight. The movie program is available on channel 1.


Internet access


At Epworth Richmond, we offer free wi-fi throughout the hospital. Bring your own device and enjoy.

Wifi is available only for Epworth patients.


Our menu monitors will visit you each morning from 8.30am onwards to take your meal order via an electronic ordering system. They can also assist you with menu choices and special diet requests.

We aim to provide a wide selection of food on our menus from meat to fish and vegetarian choices. The food choices have been developed with input from patients, dietitians, chefs and our staff. We provide a balance of comfort and modern choices with the aim of meeting the food preferences and cultural needs of our patients.

Meal Service Times:


7am - 8.30am 

11.30am - 1pm
Dinner :
5.15pm - 6.45pm

A trolley service is also available:

Morning tea:
9.30am - 10.15am 
Afternoon tea:  
1.30pm - 2.15pm
Supper :
7.30pm - 8015pm



Epworth Richmond’s postal address is:


89 Bridge Road

Richmond VIC 3121


Your mail will be delivered to you, on your ward, Monday to Friday. Where possible, please have your full name and ward clearly marked on the envelope to assist delivery.

Newspapers and magazines

Newspapers and magazines can be purchased from the newspaper vendor who visits the wards each day.


Patients’ library

A small collection of books is available for recreational reading on level 2, Normanby Place. In addition, a volunteer visits each floor on a regular basis with a trolley of books. This is a complimentary service. 


Each bed has its own telephone, enabling your family and friends to dial you directly. Please ask your nurse or ward receptionist to assist you in locating your direct telephone number.


Local, STD and ISD calls can be made from your bedside telephone. Local calls are complimentary; however there are charges for calls to mobile phones and for STD and ISD calls. Special telephones are available for patients with impaired vision or hearing, or for patients who are unable to hold a hand piece. 

When you leave

Discharge is at 9.30am. If you are unable to be picked up at this time you will be directed to the discharge lounge on level 2 Gray Wing building.


Medication ordered for use after discharge may be collected in person from Slade Pharmacy, ground floor, Danks wing (on the Bridge Road entrance). Pharmacy charges accrued during your hospital stay are to be paid to Slade Pharmacy on discharge. 

For further information see leaving hospital.

Patient guides


Read about your stay at Epworth Richmond including patient rights and responsibilities, facilities, useful contacts, safety and more. 


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