The Wig Salon at Epworth Richmond

The Wig Salon 

Epworth Richmond is here to support our cancer patients with more than just the best clinical care.

We are proud to offer free and exclusive access to our Wig Salon, for any Epworth patient experiencing hair loss, as a result of treatment.

We have professional hairdressers and trained volunteers on-hand to help you to create a new look that suits your own personal style.

All services and products supplied through our Wig Salon are at no cost to you.

The Wig Salon at Epworth Richmond is made possible by generous donations to the Epworth Medical Foundation.



The Wig Salon lo​cation


Epworth Richmond Hospital

89 Bridge Road


Opening hours

The Wig Salon is open on Wednesdays.


Bookings and ​enquiries​


For appointments and further information:

Phone: 03 9516 2425


Volunteering at The Wig Salon

​Are you interested in helping patients at The Wig Salon? 

Please email​ or visit Volunteering at Epworth​​