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No GP referral is required for Breast Clinic at Epworth Freemasons.

Breas​t Clinic at Epworth Freemasons



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Stop. A breast check could save your life​. ​

One in eight Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Now is the time to stop and check. 

More than 50% of cancers are discovered by self or clinical checks. Early detection saves lives. The earlier a cancer is discovered, the greater the chances of successful treatment.

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Breast Friends ​Support Group

Breast Friends is a support group ope​​​n to all women under 45 years of age who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Clinical Instit​​ute

The General Surgery/Gastroenterology Clinical Institute is overseen by a director and includes general surgery and gastroenterology across all Epworth facilities.The clinical institute creates synergy among clinicians with similar clinical research and teaching interests.​