Lung Cancer - Eastern Service



The Eastern Thoracic Oncology Service (EThOS) is a team of physicians and surgeons specialising in the assessment and management of patients with suspected or proven lung cancer.


We have rapid access to and utilise the latest  technology in  terms of diagnosis and assessment:


  • Endo bronchial ultrasound (EBUS)
  • PET scanning
  • Video assisted thoroscopic surgery (VATS)
  • Laser bronchoscopy
  • Advanced radiation planning including PET-CT
  • Stereotactic radiation therapy

We offer rapid specialist consultation and assessment, investigation and multidisciplinary discussion regarding the best treatment options for your patient.


EThOS physicians and surgeons work across the public and private health services and offer timely investigation and treatment through both, according to your patient’s preference.


GPs will receive rapid feedback from the primary physician or surgeon and after all Multidisciplinary Team Discussions.


Your patients will have access to the full range of supportive care offered by EThOS.


For more information please contact the EThOS  nurse on 0407 849 579

The EThOS Multidisciplinary Team

Respiratory Physicians

Dr Paul Fogarty

Prof Frank Thien

Dr Nicholas Wilsmore


Medical Oncologist/Radiation Oncologist

Dr Phillip Parente (MO)

Dr Andrew Wirth (RO, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) 


Thoracic Surgeons

Mr Andrew Barling

Mr Alexander Rosalion

Mr Sivenrendran Seevanayagam

Mr Adam Zimmet


Interventional Radiologists

Dr Barry Leaney (MIA)

Dr Pat Page (MIA)

Dr Hayden Prime (MIA)

Dr Michael Martin​​ (MIA)  

Which patients should you refer to EThOS?


Patients suitable for urgent referral include all patients with suspected lung cancer including those with:

  • Persistent haemoptysis

  • Lung mass on CXR /CT

  • Pleural effusion

  • Mediastinal lymphadenopathy

  • Suspected metastatic disease


Accessing EThOS

The service can be accessed by direct referral to any of the above physicians or surgeons



By contacting the following number  0407 849 579



By completing the EThOS referral form​ and faxing  to 03 88077489

Phone or fax referrals will be assessed by our dedicated EThOS nurse and triaged to the most appropriate team member for rapid consultation and assessment.