Oncology at Epworth


A diagnosis of cancer can produce enormous emotion and high levels of stress, not only for the person diagnosed, but also for their partner, family, colleagues and friends. It can be life-altering: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and material changes can occur, often within a short time frame, which can leave people feeling overwhelmed and distraught. One in four Australians will contract cancer at some point in their life.


Epworth has comprehensive cancer services at all four major hospitals: Epworth Eastern, Epworth Freemasons, Epworth Richmond and Epworth Geelong. This includes specialist wards, day oncology facilities, radiation oncology and palliative care. We also provide education and support to help patients through their treatment journey. The Wig Salon at Epworth Freemasons, Epworth Eastern and Epworth Geelong is a free service providing support and dignity to all Epworth cancer patients.

Rehabilitation programs are also available at Epworth Hawthorn and Epworth Camberwell to support people with any form of cancer, at any stage of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Rehabilitation provides support through exercise and education to address the physical, functional and emotional areas of your life which can often be impacted by cancer.   ​


With research, early detection mechanisms, public awareness, advances in treatments and supportive medication, a cancer diagnosis is not necessarily considered an acute illness with a short ending, but rather one that will require monitoring: regular medical check-ups, perhaps treatment at intervals, but with the aim of restoring health, happiness and quality of life.



Epworth Eastern

The Epworth Eastern Oncology Unit provides a discreet service for cancer patients requiring diagnostic services, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or palliative care. The 30-bed ward consists of single rooms and 2 shared rooms and a comfortable patient/visitor lounge.


Day Oncology

Adjacent to the ward area is a fully equipped Day Oncology facility, unusual in suburban Melbourne, offering:

  • Chemotherapy

  • Blood transfusions

  • Haemotology procedures


The oncology team comprises of:

  • Oncologists

  • Trained nursing staff

  • Pharmacists

  • Dietitians

  • Social workers

  • Chaplains


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Nurse Manager

03 8807 7465

The Wig Salon
The Wig Salon is a free wig consultation service offered by trained volunteers and provides a supportive and friendly salon style environment for patients at the hospital who are receiving treatment for Cancer.

Patients receive a personalised Product Bag containing wig, silk scarf, bamboo night cap, turban, hairnet, baby shampoo and wig brush.

To book a FREE salon style consultation with one of our friendly volunteers please email eewigsalon@epworth.org.au or call 8807 7133


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Peter Mac Box Hill is a satellite campus of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Their mission is to provide excellence in cancer care for people in the Eastern suburbs. This requires a multi-faceted approach to treatment, and they work closely with colleagues at Epworth Eastern, Box Hill Hospital and with other physicians and surgeons in the area.

Their commitment is to provide seamless patient care throughout the treatment process, which involves regular communication with our patients’ general practitioners, and facilitating patient access to local health care resources. The centre provides access to the latest in clinical management, technological advances and research trials.


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Epworth Freemasons


At Epworth Freemasons, we make supportive care and education a top priority to all recently diagnosed patients, or those simply requiring additional information throughout their illness.


Day Patient Services

The Epworth Freemasons Day Oncology Unit was established in 1991 and has grown into a comprehensive, modern facility treating approximately four hundred patients per month.


The unit boasts 17 comfortable reclining chairs for patients preferring to sit in a social, relaxed atmosphere, and private rooms containing state of the art electric beds. Due to the limited number of private rooms, rooms are allocated on a priority needs basis at the discretion of nursing staff.


Day Oncology is fortunate to have a team of wonderful volunteers who serve drinks and lunch throughout the day to make our patients’ stay more comfortable.


The unit does not restrict its procedures to administering chemotherapy, although a large percentage of its throughput is chemotherapy administration. Essentially, any treatment or infusion which can be safely given in the day care setting is welcomed by the highly skilled nursing staff. Onsite pharmacy, pathology, radiology and radiotherapy departments place Freemasons in a unique position to co-ordinate treatment for patients requiring investigations and multiple treatment modalities.


Due to the high costs for uninsured patients, most of our patients are privately insured, sometimes with policy excess and co-payments; our reception staff are happy to assist with any queries you may have in regards to your policy. Day Oncology now has EFTPOS facilities to assist patients with their health fund expenses as payments are required on day of admission.


Located in the Epworth Freemasons Medical Centre in Victoria Parade, Day Oncology is pleased to offer patients car parking in the basement for a competitive flat rate. Car parking tickets must be authorized for this rate to apply.


Day Oncology provides transport between hospital sites for patients if they are undergoing concurrent radiotherapy or require additional radiology services or hospital admission.


Phone: 03 9418 8242 or 03 9418 8240
Opening hours: 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday.
Public Holidays: CLOSED



Our highly skilled, professional nurses ensure that an individual's education needs are met by determining how much information they already have about their illness and then tailoring the support and education to suit.


Patients are encouraged to attend our pre-admission clinic with their support person, as comprehensive education and advice on treatment related side-effects and their management is given. Nursing staff work closely with doctors to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care, support and education.


Epworth Freemasons also provides support and counselling by experienced oncology personnel for patients and families struggling with the cancer diagnosis and associated grief and despair. There are many Cancer Support Groups available for patients and families interested in sharing their experiences with others.


The ‘Look Good Feel Better' program is offered to newly diagnosed women who may despair over physical changes occurring to their bodies during chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This program aims to give women the confidence to look great during their treatment by applying make-up and receiving helpful beauty tips.


Quality of life is a great concern to patients in all stages of their disease. From initial diagnosis through to cure, relapse or possible death, needs change, and so does the level of physical care and emotional support required. Epworth Freemasons staff recognise this and ensure that patients and their families have comprehensive discharge planning and access to allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, dieticians, local council assistance and palliative care.


Gynaecological Oncology

A Brachytherapy Unit, for radiological treatment of gynaecological cancers, is available at Epworth Freemasons. A full range of surgery is also offered, including:

  • Hysterectomy

  • Hysteroscopy

  • Laparoscopy

  • Cone biopsy

  • D&C

  • Vulval

  • Vaginal and ovarian surgery


Prevention screening programs (pap smears) are available to all women. Early detection and treatment may prevent further development and progression of problems. A Colposcopy and Laser Clinic is also available for the management of abnormal smears.


Epworth Radiation Oncology

Find out about Epworth Radiation Oncology at Epworth Freemasons.


Patient Needs

Epworth Freemasons is equipped with a 33-bed ward which caters for patients with a variety of Gynaecological conditions. Our team of friendly nursing staff welcome new ideas and value education. The unit staff members are supported by a full-time clinical educator and regular in service education is provided. Surgical cases include:

  • Major laparoscopic work

  • Hysterectomies

  • Extensive surgery for gynaecological cancers


This unit is supported by experienced operating theatre staff and specialised ward nurses. In addition, a highly experienced Clinical Nurse Specialist in Gynaecological Oncology is available to provide emotional and physical support as well as practical information prior to surgery, as well as during hospitalisation and convalescence.

Unit Manager
Phone: 03 9483 3602


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Epworth Richmond


The Epworth Richmond Oncology Service on the 4th floor provides a personalized on-site service for patients requiring diagnostic services, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or palliative care. The service comprises a 50 bed inpatient unit and a 24 chair Day Oncology Unit, which lies within the 40 chair DMU in which Haemo Dialysis also operates.


Adjacent to these two units, in the Epworth Centre is the Epworth Richmond Radiation Oncology service.


4 Gray Wing, the 50 bed inpatient unit, consists of single rooms and shared rooms. Some of the rooms have recently undergone a refurbishment and the team is very happy to take your preference for room type but the nature of the service provision means that allocation is based upon clinical need rather than a preference booking system.


The specialized  staff in this area understand the emotional stress and  physical impact of Cancer and will ensure you or your relative receive best practice, empathetic, evidence- based  care, the foundation of which is a holistic care model, incorporating  the allied health , medical, nursing, pharmacy, dietician, volunteer, pastoral and specialist nursing  teams.


Attention to personal needs and requirements is recognized and supported through the environmental and food service teams.


A quiet room and patient pantry is located on the unit as is the Peace Garden courtyard, which provides a restful space to sit outside and enjoy some fresh air, when the weather permits.


Adjacent to the inpatient unit is the Day Medical Unit, located within the Danks Wing. This space was opened in February 2013 and provides a purpose built treatment space for the Day Oncology and Dialysis patients.


State of the art facilities include a comfortable wait space with computer facilities, television and pantry.


The treatment areas have been designed with both comfort and clinical need in mind. The trained, specialized and skilled staff are able to provide the care required, using best practice approaches and state of the art equipment.


Patient and carer comfort is also an important consideration and each space incorporates an integrated entertainment system, plenty of personal space and privacy and a full meal service.


Single treatment /procedure rooms and chairs allow for individualised treatment allocation to be undertaken specific to each patients needs.


Last but not least, the floor to ceiling glass allows everyone to enjoy the spectacular and iconic Melbourne, MCG and inner city area view.


The team are very happy provide more information and a pre-treatment visit if you wish and can be contacted on 03 9426 8190.

The Epworth Richmond Oncology Unit provides a discreet on-site service for patients requiring diagnostic services, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or palliative care. The 23-bed ward consists of single rooms and shared rooms with a comfortable patient/visitor lounge. Adjacent to the ward area is a fully equipped Day Oncology facility.



Epworth Radiation Oncology

Find out about Epworth Radiation Oncology at Epworth Richmond.


Epworth Richmond Breast Service

Find out about Epworth Richmond Breast Service at Epworth Richmond.







Key Links

Rehabilitation for cancer care

Epworth Rehabilitation provides two cancer rehabilitation programs: 

  • Enhance, a breast cancer rehabilitation program
  • A general oncology rehabilitation program


Participants of the program undergo an exercise program to restore movement and rebuild strength and fitness. There is also an educational component with a series of workshops to give you the information and tools to address any concerns associated with your diagnosis; including pain, fatigue, work or family challenges, relationships, emotional wellbeing and late-onset side effects.


The program is delivered by a team of clinicians who work together, with you to get the best outcome. This team comprises: a rehabilitation doctor, oncology nurse, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and dietitian.



  • Epworth Hawthorn
  • Epworth Camberwell


A referral from your specialist of GP is required to participate in the program. For more information, phone 1300 46 73422 or email rehab@epworth.org.au