Stomal Therapy Nursing

Colorectal and bladder surgery are specialised areas of the general surgery units at Epworth. Surgical procedures may involve the creation of an opening, or 'ostomy', from either bowel or bladder onto the abdominal wall. The body's waste (urine or faeces) is collected via this ostomy into a disposable pouch. This may be permanent or temporary.


The need for a stomal therapy nurse may be related to ostomy construction, urinary or faecal incontinence, or wounds with or without tube insertion.


The stomal therapy nurse is responsible for preoperative counselling to ensure that they are fully aware of the benefits of the operation and the essential facts about living with a stoma.


Patients and clients are provided with preventative, acute, rehabilitative and continuing care as required.


The stomal therapy nurse is a specialist nurse who has undertaken further study to address the needs and concerns associated with this type of surgery.


The stomal therapist is an integral member of the colorectal health care team working to prepare the patient for surgery, to support their recovery and ultimate return to independence.


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Stomal Therapy Nurse

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Stomal Therapy Nurse

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