Cardiac care at Epworth


Problems with the heart and circulatory system are the most common forms of serious illness in Australia. Epworth provides a comprehensive range of cardiac and cardiothoracic services including angiography, rhythm correction, pacemakers and repair of the heart vessels and valves.


cardiac-2.jpgEpworth provides a full suite of cardiology services from our Richmond and eastern (Box Hill) campuses. We manage our patients from initial presentation diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Depending on recovery, rehabilitation is undertaken as either an inpatient or outpatient. Support and education is provided upon discharge.

Epworth Richmond includes 52 monitored cardiac beds, a 15 bed intensive care unit, four cardiac catheterisation laboratories and a non-invasive cardiac unit for diagnostic testing.

Epworth Eastern includes a 10 bed coronary care unit with a further 24 monitored cardiac beds, an eight bed intensive care unit and one cardiac catheterisation laboratory.

Epworth Geelong complex care unit includes 8 cardiac monitored beds, a 6 bed intensive care unit, two cardiac catheterisation laboratories and a non-invasive cardiac unit for diagnostic testing.​

Use our find a doctor directory to locate a cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon.

Catheter laboratories

Epworth's catheterisation laboratories are dedicated to providing high quality diagnostic and interventional facilities for the treatment cardiac and vascular disease. Procedures include:

  • transluminal balloon angioplasty

  • digital subtraction angiography

  • transluminal stent insertion

  • endoluminal graft insertion 

  • embolisation

  • vascular access

  • nephrostomy

  • biliary stent

  • fistulagram

  • thrombosis

  • IVC filter insertion/retrieval

  • IVUS-Intravascular ultrasound

  • fractional flow reserve

  • valvuloplasty

  • cardiac rhythm management

  • pacemaker Insertion - AICD(defib) and biventricular

  • Sirtex - injection of radioactive beads for the treatment of carcinoma

  • chemoembolism

  • drug eluting balloon insertion.


Non invasive cardiac services


The non invasive cardiac unit performs cardiac diagnostic testing for adult patients. All tests can be ordered by a general practitioner. Test results may then be discussed with the reporting cardiologist if required. Tests performed include:

​At Epworth Eastern:

  • Intra-operative echocardiography

  • Exercise stress testing

  • Echocardiography

  • Transoesophageal echocardiography

  • Stress echocardiography (exercise and pharmacological)

  • Ambulatory halter monitoring

  • 24 hour blood pressure monitoring

  • ECG event monitoring

    Services at Epworth Eastern are provided by MIA Victoria,
    phone 03 9236 1300.

At Epworth Richmond:

  • Ambulatory holter monitoring

  • Echocardiography

  • Exercise stress testing

  • Stress echocardiography (exercise and harmacological)

  • Tilt table testing

  • Transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE)

    For Epworth Richmond services phone
    03 9426 6381 or 03 9426 6385


At Epworth Geelong

  • Echocardiography
  • Treadmill Stress echocardiography
  • Transoesophageal echocardiography
  • Ambulatory holter monitoring
  • Exercise stress testing
  • 24 hour blood pressure monitoring

For Epworth Geelong services phone 03 5271 7266


Cardiothoracic surgery


Epworth Richmond was the first private hospital in Victoria to establish a cardiothoracic surgical unit and is a world class facility.

The hospital has a fully dedicated operating theatre, a 15 bed intensive care unit and the resources of a 67 bed cardiac unit to support this service. For further information phone 03 9426 6690.


Endovascular laboratory


cardiac-1.jpgThe endovascular lab is situated at Epworth Richmond was the first dedicated vascular lab in Australia. It is widely regarded as one of the leading vascular facilities in the world and carries out both cutting edge diagnostic and vascular interventions by a distinguished faculty of vascular surgeons in Victoria.

The lab carries out approximately 1800 procedures annually including balloon angioplasties, peripheral, carotid and renal stenting, embolisation coiling of malformations, fibroids and aneurysms, and endoluminal stent grafting for thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms. It carries out approximately 125 endoluminal repairs of aortic aneurysms annually and is one of the busiest in the world.

The lab is a renowned reference site for trials of the latest treatment products and technology and frequently trains vascular surgeons and nurses from Australia and overseas.


For more information phone 03 9426 6290. Chief radiographer: 03 9426 6291


Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you have had a cardiac event or procedure (such as a heart attack, open heart surgery and angioplasty/stent) or a chronic heart condition diagnosis such as heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation can be an important step towards improving your quality of life and wellness.


Cardiac rehabilitation incorporates physical exercise with education around diet, medications and other topics.


Through rehabilitation the aim is to:

  • Assist your return to a maximum level of physical, emotional and social functioning, ideally to that which preceded your cardiac illness
  • Provide you with knowledge to better understand heart conditions, how to manage your health and develop strategies to modify the risk factors that may have contributed to the development of your heart disease
  •  Help improve your overall quality of life.



Epworth Brighton and Epworth Camberwell

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Epworth Richmond (Heart Smart)

Phone: 03 9426 6625 or email:​.​

For more information:

Use our find a doctor directory to locate a cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon or for further information contact a cardiac nurse manager:

Epworth Eastern - 03 8807 7265

Epworth Richmond - 03 9426 6690
Epworth Geelong - 03 5271 7055