Community integration team

The Community Integration team is made up of dedicated rehabilitation specialists and Allied Health professionals who implement home or community based programs, which include the following:


  • Providing individual therapy at a person's home, work, school, gym or local community.

  • Providing training in improving every day living skills.

  • Preparing people for return to study or the work force.

  • Counselling for individuals and their families.

  • Assessing and revising the need for support/services/equipment within the home.

  • Assistance to find local community services.

  • Review and provision of therapy services for clients with lifetime support needs.


We also provide access to centre based programs to complement client's individual therapy services.


Services include:


  • group programs focussing on adjustment issues and coping skills, sport and leisure options, communication and social skills

  • return to driving/bicycle riding

  • vocational assessment

  • physical skills and running skills

  • dietetic services.

The program may be provided with other centre-based therapy.


For referrals and enquiries please contact the Community Integration Manager on 03 9426 8744.

Outpatients only