High level mobility running group

The physiotherapy department at Epworth conducts a running group for patients with high level mobility problems.

The purpose of the running group is to:

  • teach people how to run, if only for a few steps
  • improve high level mobility skills in order to access social, leisure and sporting activities
  • improve community mobility to allow people to keep up with peers when walking, access public transport, cross roads and have the endurance to walk longer distances
  • improve mobility to promote health, fitness and weight loss.


Who can participate?


Any person who is able to walk without a gait aid (i.e crutch, frame, walking stick), is suitable for assessment to participate in the running group.


You do not need to be able to run to join the running group


An assessment is conducted to investigate the cause of the client’s mobility restriction including spasticity, range of movement, strength, flexibility, control, coordination and balance.


An individual program is developed to treat the client's mobility restrictions in order to provide the client with the biomechanical, strength, co-ordination and balance requirements for running.


When running is achieved, the skills for return to sport are then retrained in order to facilitate a smooth transition back to the client's pre-morbid activities.

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Outpatient only

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