Rehabilitation programs

Rehabilitation can help you prepare for medical treatment (prehab), recover from an illness, injury or surgical procedure or manage a chronic illness. 


Epworth Rehabilitation is one of the largest private rehabilitation services in Victoria operating across four sites in Brighton, Camberwell, Hawthorn and Richmond. 

For more than 30 years, we have provided expert rehabilitation care for people:

  • with brain injuries and neurological disorders
  • recovering from road trauma injuries
  • recovering from orthopaedic injury or surgery
  • managing chronic conditions such as persistent pain, heart disease or cancer.

We are leaders in rehabilitation research.  We use this research, our decades of experience and our team-based approach to maximise a person’s functional ability, encourage independence and enhance quality of life. 

Working together, our team tailors and delivers a rehabilitation program suited to individual goals and personal needs; incorporating elements of physical, cognitive and emotional therapy, as well as educational support. 

Rehabilitation programs

Community programs

Driver rehabilitation service

Vocational (return to work)

Community integration team

Transitional living centre

Mental health

Epworth Clinic is a comprehensive mental health service providing a multidisciplinary team approach to the treatment of mental health conditions for your patients.

Quality of Care data

Epworth HealthCare is recognised as a leading provider of rehabilitation in Australia. View our clinical standards and performance for Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Chronic Pain​.

Rehabilitation programs and services directory ​

Download Rehabilitation Programs and Services Directory PDF 2.5 MB

Rehabilitation patient guide

​​​​​​​Download Epworth Richmond Rehabilitation patient guide  PDF 3.5 MB​​


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Referrals to Epworth Rehabilitation


A referral from a GP, specialist or other health professional is required to access Epworth Rehabilitation programs.​ 

rehabilitation-digital-referral.pdf Download Epworth Rehabilitation referral form

Complete and send the referral to:


Fax:        03 9982 6696

New enquiries about our programs

Phone: 1300 46 REHAB (1300 46 73422)

Please note: This number is purely for patient and clinician referrals and enquiries about our services. Please do not use this for any other correspondence (ie. legal, WorkCover, TAC approvals). 

To arrange a hospital transfer

To arrange for the Epworth Rehabilitation External Assessment Team to visit your hospital, please call: 0418 361 788.

For existing appointments or to contact a specific Epworth Rehabilitation site

If you have an existing appointment that you’d like to change or enquire about, please contact the specific Epworth Rehabilitation site you’re attending.

​Epworth Brighton Epworth Camberwell​ Epworth Hawhorn​ Epworth Richmond​

​​​​Inpatient rehabilitation bookings

Phone: 03 9591 9253

Outpatient rehabilitation appointments

Phone: 03 9591 9254

Doctors consulting appointments

Phone: 03 9591 9256

Main reception

Phone: 03 9591 9200

Inpatient rehabilitation bookings
Phome: 03 9805 4171

Outpatient rehabilitation appointments
Phone: 03 9805 4178

Doctors consulting appointments
Phone: 03 9805 4153

Main reception
Phone: 03 9809 2444

Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation bookings 
Phone: 03 9415 5707

Doctors consulting appointments
Phone: 03 9415 5728

Main reception
Phone: 03 9415 5777

Inpatient rehabilitation bookings
Phone: 03 9415 5707

Outpatient Rehabilitation appointments 
Phone: 03 9426 8710​

Doctors consulting appointments
Phone: 03 9426 8773 

Additonal Contact Information

Epworth Allied Health Clinic

At Epworth, we believe that wellness is more than being free from illness or ailment – it’s about taking a holistic approach to achieving optimal health.

Our experienced, dedicated allied health professionals are here to ensure your wellness is at the centre of everything we do.

The Allied Health Clinic services include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy, including hand therapy
  • Speech pathology, including olfactory impairment (smell) clinic and videofluoroscopy
  • Dietetics
  • Psychology


Visit the Allied Health Clinic website