Transitional Living Centre

The Transitional Living Centre (TLC) is a unique home and community based program for persons with acquired brain injury (ABI). The TLC program provides assessment, training, supervision and facilitation of independent living skills aimed at maximising each person’s potential for independent living.

Improving independent living skills

The program was established in 1989 in recognition of the need for people with an ABI to have the opportunity to work on improving their independent living skills in the community. The TLC provides a ‘real-life setting’ and the chance to experience situations and challenges, which would occur in every day life.

Accommodation and services

The TLC consists of a four bedroom house, three self contained units for the residents and a staff office on site. The house and units are fully furnished.  It is in the suburb of Thornbury, close to public transport, a shopping centre, park, gym and post office.  The TLC is staffed by a skilled specialist team comprising of:

  • occupational therapists
  • social workers
  • psychologists
  • allied health assistants

The TLC program is for adults with acquired brain injury who want to be able to improve skills to enable them to live in the community. Some people are referred directly from a rehabilitation hospital as a transition into the community.  Others may have been living with family or supports and want to move away or live by themselves. Some people may have had a recent acquired brain injury and others may have had their injury some years ago.

The Transitional Living Centre is available for patients covered by insurance including the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and is also available for public non-compensable patients.

Contact us

Transitional Living Centre 

33 Pender Street

Thornbury Vic 3071

Phone: 03 9416 9820

Fax: 03 9416 9122

This program is neither inpatient or outpatient.