Vestibular rehabilitation program

The vestibular rehabilitation program is for individuals with symptoms of dizziness and/or imbalance as a result of damage to the inner ear or brain. This is a specialised service with skilled therapists specifically trained in managing vestibular disorders.

An initial team assessment is completed to determine the cause of dizziness, its secondary effects and whether it is amenable to rehabilitation. Following this, an individualised treatment program is developed to address the patient’s specific goals. The program includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, exercise physiology and psychology services.  

The physiotherapist assesses and treats any physical problems that may occur as a result of the dizziness. This may include issues with mobility, balance, falls or fear of falling and vestibular exercises.   Impairments to the reflexes associated with the vestibular system are also reviewed.  Occupational therapy focuses on the assessment and treatment of functional issues in any daily activities that arise. The psychologist helps address any of the primary or secondary psychological issues related to the problems of dizziness including fear of falling or depression.

The care coordination of the individual is overseen by a neurologist, who liaises directly with the treating therapists to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

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