Hospital fees

Epworth HealthCare is a private not-for-profit hospital group. When you are a patient with us you will incur fees. These fees are made up of several components:

Hospital fees


This covers the cost of your accommodation while you are in hospital. The fee includes non-medical services, such as catering and housekeeping. It may also include fees for the use of an operating theatre or other hospital facilities while you are in hospital. It is not always possible to predict what the fees will be as unexpected surgery or referral may be necessary. The hospital fee is generally covered by your health fund, with the exception of excesses, co-payments and exclusions associated with your level of insurance cover.


Staff from the patient admissions department at Epworth can advise you of the hospital fees that you can expect to pay, depending on your level of health cover. If you have a question about hospital fees, please contact admissions:

  • Epworth Cliveden - 03 9107 4500​
  • Epworth Eastern - 03 8807 7122
  • Epworth Freemasons - 1800 337 453
  • Epworth Geelong - 03 5271 7711 Mon - Fri until 6pm, otherwise please call the general enquiries number on 03 5271 7777
  • Epworth Richmond - 03 9426 8950
  • Rehabilitation services at Epworth Brighton, Camberwell, Hawthorn or Richmond - 03 9426 6229


Doctor fees


Wherever practical, your treating doctors should be prepared to discuss their professional fees with you before providing their services. For major treatment, this information should preferably be provided in writing. Please contact your doctor’s office staff if you have a question about the doctor’s fees.


If this information is not provided, it is your right to ask for it before you receive the service or agree to a proposed treatment. You should ask the doctor’s office staff for this information.


Additional fees may include surgeon fees, surgical assistants, anaesthetists, medical services and other specialists.



Non-hospital fees


Other costs relating to your care while at Epworth can include pathology, pharmacy, radiology or ambulance fees. These will be billed separately.