Coming to hospital


Physical preparation

Please inform your doctor if there is any significant change in your health (including a cold, cough, fever or infection etc) between the time you last saw your doctor and the day of your admission. Please pay particular attention to your personal hygiene by having a shower prior to coming to hospital. You should not shave before your admission.


  • Please obtain an up to date list of your current medications from your general practitioner or local pharmacist and bring this list with you to hospital.

  • Please bring all your current medications (including insulin, supplements and alternative medications) with you in the original packaging. Medications must be in the original packaging in your name in order for us to be able to administer them to you in hospital (please do not bring Webster packs or dosette boxes).

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions in regards to taking your medications prior to surgery. If you take regular pain medication, please ask your doctor what you may take on the day of surgery.

  • If you have diabetes, you should contact your doctor for specific instructions regarding your diabetic medications (i.e. insulin or tablets).

  • You will be billed for any medication you are already taking if it needs to be supplied by the pharmacy and is unrelated to your admission or for a pre-existing medication need.



Space is limited for the storage of clothing and personal belongings. Please avoid bringing unnecessary items of clothing. Your luggage will be labelled and stored, so it is important to minimise the size of your bags. As a guide, your bag should be cabin baggage size.

If you know you are going to intensive care following your surgery, please bring only your medications and toiletries on admission and ask your family to bring the rest of your belongings to the ward.

Parking and transport

Some Epworth HealthCare locations have on-site car parks and fees apply. Most sites have public transport available nearby. Patients needing to access the car park on a regular basis may be eligible for bulk discounts on parking passes.

For more information, see the parking and transport page.


You or the person responsible for your care must sign a consent form before your procedure can take place. Please review all the information on your consent form before you sign. It is important to discuss your procedure with your doctor so you fully understand everything about your planned procedure. If you are not sure about anything, including known risks, recovery or alternatives to having your procedure, please ask your doctor.


If you are a smoker, we advise you not to smoke for at least 24 hours prior to admission. Doctors recommend you stop smoking eight weeks prior to surgery. You may wish to ask your doctor if nicotine replacement therapies are an option for you. All Epworth sites are smoke free.


We strongly recommend that you do not bring valuables to hospital. Valuables include jewellery, cash, credit cards, computer equipment, mobile phones or other items of personal property with a high monetary value. While Epworth will endeavour to take every possible care of your personal property it does not accept any liability or responsibility for theft, loss or damage to your personal belongings (this includes dentures, hearing aids and glasses). Epworth recommends that patients and visitors bring only essential items for personal use to the hospital.

Visitors and relatives

Due to limited space in the admissions area, we ask that each patient is accompanied by only one support person. This assists us to maintain safety, patient confidentiality, privacy and comfort for our patients. Unless a child is being admitted, please avoid bringing children to the admissions area.

In the interest of fasting patients, we ask visitors not to eat or drink in the admissions lounge. We request that additional family members make use of the hospital foyer or café facilities. Visiting times are available at our website. Please observe any rest periods or therapy sessions.



Further admission information