Financial information

Things to check with your private health insurer

We recommend you contact your private health insurer to check the following:

  • Is your reason for admission, including any surgery, covered under your level of insurance? (surgical patients: you may want to ask your doctor for the item number relating to your surgery prior to calling your health fund)
  • Are there are any additional costs you should expect such as an excess or co-payments?



Self-insured patients

If you do not have private health insurance an estimate of your admission costs will be calculated for you. You are required to pay your estimated account prior to your admission. The actual cost incurred may differ from the estimate due to a change in treatment or a longer stay in hospital than originally planned. If treatment costs exceed the estimated amount, you will be asked to pay the difference before going home. For further information, please contact the patient service centre of your admitting hospital.



Payment of account

You will be contacted by the hospital prior to your admission to inform you of any estimated out-of-pocket expenses that may apply to you. This may include excesses, co-payments and additional costs. All out-of-pocket expenses are required to be paid prior to your admission.

For more information on the types of expenses that may be associated with your stay, see the hospital fees page.

Epworth accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash, bank cheques and EFTPOS. We do not accept American Express, Diners Card or personal cheques. If paying by card, please ensure that any daily or transactional withdrawal limits are sufficient to settle your account.



Billing your private health insurer

Epworth will submit a claim to your private health insurer for the cost of hospital related expenses, for the following group of patients:

  • Privately insured patients
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) patients
  • WorkCover, TAC and other third party claims (only if a letter of liability is provided)

All doctor, medical and anaesthetic fees will be billed separately by your practitioner. For more information on the different expenses that may be associated with your stay, see the hospital fees page.



Additional costs from external providers

During your admission you may require tests to provide your treating doctor with a diagnosis or to help monitor your medical progress. Costs for these services will be billed separately by third party providers and may include:

  • Pathology (blood or tissue samples)
  • Diagnostic imaging (x-rays) services, and/or
  • Medications dispensed to you from the pharmacy during your admission or on discharge (for unrelated or pre-existing medication needs).

Epworth has ‘no gap’ agreements with some health funds to fully or partly cover the costs of pathology and radiology tests. Fees may be reduced if you have an eligible government entitlement or discount card. Please speak to the provider directly for further information:


Further admission information