To protect the ongoing safety of our patients, staff and doctors, visitors to our hospitals and sites are restricted. Restrictions may vary from site to site, please contact the relevant site if you are unsure.

Patient visitors

Strict visitor restrictions in place.

All visitors entering the hospital will be required to have their temperature checked and meet the criteria listed below.

Any visitors who have travelled in last 14 days are not permitted.

For the safety of patients, staff and doctors, visitors are not allowed in the following areas or circumstances:

  • Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
  • Oncology units
  • Renal dialysis units
  • Patients COVID-19 positive or who are awaiting COVID-19 results

Exceptions to this will be at the discretion of the clinical team caring for our patients and need to be confirmed ahead of time.

For all other areas the following restrictions are in place:

  • One (1) hour per day during at either 10 -11am or 6 - 7pm only
  • Limit one (1) designated visitor per day
  • Only immediate family, next of kin and carers are permitted
  • Visitors to maternity wards are restricted to one (1) designated person for the duration of the admission (partner or significant other only)
  • Visitors must be over 16

IMPORTANT: Even if you are a person on the list who is allowed to visit a patient, you must not visit if you have been diagnosed for COVID-19 and you have not met the criteria for discharge from isolation.

We recognise that keeping patients and their loved ones in contact with one another is important and we encourage to do this as much as possible through other means such phone, FaceTime and Skype.

Maternity patient visitors

In addition to the above restrictions, only your partner or support person may visit our maternity patients, which unfortunately means siblings are not allowed in.

We have also suspended the following programs:

  • inpatient classes
  • night nursery
  • Park Hyatt Melbourne stays (Epworth Freemasons only)

Partners or support people are not permitted if they have a fever, cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties or wheezing, headache or any other signs of respiratory infection. We encourage designated maternity visitors to avoid coming and going from the hospital.

All other visitors

  • General access is not permitted
  • If you have an appointment, please go directly to the location
  • ALL contractors and suppliers must sign in at security before entering hospital

DO NOT ENTER if you are experiencing these symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Breathing difficulties or wheezing
  • Headache
  • Any other signs of respiratory infection

There are posters displayed in all areas advising visitors of restrictions.

Hand hygiene stations are placed all over the hospital. Please clean your hands as you enter and leave.