Dr Laura Chin-Lenn is a general surgeon with specialist training in endocrine and breast disease. She is committed to providing the highest quality care with excellent patient and GP communication. She has published broadly in breast, endocrine, skin and general surgery literature. Her current research interests are the use of genomic assays in breast cancer, management of elderly patients with breast cancer and patient quality of life following thyroidectomy.


  • MBBS
  • M Epi

Professional Associations

  • Australian and New Zealand Endocrine Surgeons
  • American Association of Endocrine Surgeons
  • International Association of Endocrine Surgeons
  • Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand
  • Breast Cancer Trials Group

Special interests

  • Endocrine surgery (thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, hyperparathyroidism)
  • Breast surgery (breast cancer, benign breast disease)
  • General surgery (lumps and bumps, hernias)

Education and training

  • Teaching and Education of medical students/doctors in training


  • The impact of a genomic assay on decisions for adjuvant treatment for breast cancer
  • How does thyroidectomy affect quality of life in benign thyroid disease
  • Management of breast cancer in elderly patients

Epworth hospital locations


Epworth Freemasons Albert Street

Consulting locations

Consulting Location

Epworth Freemasons
Suite 112
320 Victoria Parade
East Melbourne

Consulting Location

Northwest Surgeons
248 Ascot Vale Road
Ascot Vale
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Internal Medicine Clinical Institute

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Dr Michelle Caldecott
The Institute encompasses the specialties of general medicine, geriatric medicine, infectious diseases, respiratory medicine, general practice, hospital in the home and paediatric medicine.
Clinical institute

General Surgery & Gastroenterology Clinical Institute

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The Institute focuses on surgical treatment of the abdominal organs, as well as the thyroid gland and hernias.