Adult admissions

Interpreter services

Should your loved one require an interpreter for their admission, please get in touch with our Patient Service Centre teams who will organise one to assist on the day.

Many of our specialists also speak a foreign language and specialists treating international patients cover a broad spectrum of specialities.

On arrival

Once you arrive at your chosen Epworth hospital, you and your loved one will be greeted by a friendly staff member who will record your arrival.

They will then direct you to the admissions lounge.

The admission lounge

When in the admission lounge, an admissions officer will call the name of your loved one. They will then assist you in completing and confirming admission paperwork, signing health fund claim forms (for insured patients) and in completing an informed financial consent document.

Payment of any out of pocket expenses will be required at this time and once this is done, you and your loved one will be asked to return to the admissions lounge.

Staying informed

During the admissions process, one person can be nominated to act as the primary contact with the hospital during your loved one's care.

This ensures our nursing staff can dedicate their time exclusively to patient care.

Paediatric admissions


As the person legally responsible for your child's care, you must sign a consent for procedure form before your child's procedure can take place. If you are unsure about any aspect of the procedure, please discuss any queries you may have with your child's doctor.

On admission

We understand that you may need to bring your other children into the hospital with you on admission. Where possible, please organise to bring someone to care for those children, as they will be unable to go into other departments with you and your sick child.

Parent amenities

If your child is required to stay overnight, we are able to accommodate one parent/carer to stay with them. This parent/carer will be given a fold-out bed, as well as meals during their stay.