When Epworth opened its doors 100 years ago, it could do so thanks to the generosity of our community. Since then, philanthropy has continued to support Epworth in providing our patients with exceptional care.

The Epworth Medical Foundation is committed to investing in the development of Epworth employees and accredited VMOs, providing in excess of $3 million of funding for internal grants every year. Our ultimate purpose is to ensure that through education, research and development of new service models, Epworth remains at the forefront of healthcare delivery, providing our patients with the best possible care each and every day.

Below is a comprehensive list of all grant and funding opportunities available to employees and accredited VMOs at Epworth.

These grants are with thanks to the generosity, foresight and commitment of donors and sponsors of the Epworth Medical Foundation.

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As an Epworth employee apply for up to $10,000 to invest in your development. 

Receive support to return to study, undertake further training, attend a conference or visit a centre of excellence.

Applications for Scholarships 2022 have now closed.

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Research grants

Up to 20 annual grants are available to support Epworth employees and accredited VMOs to undertake research projects that are directly relevant to Epworth’s clinical service delivery

  • Gynaecology Research Grant – up to $110,000
  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Grant – up to $55,000
  • Cardiology Research Grant – up to $50,000
  • Prostate Cancer Research Grant - up to $25,000
  • Early Career Researcher Capacity Building Grants - $30,000 each, multiple available
  • Pilot Research Grants – $10,000 each, multiple available

Applications for 2022 Research grants have closed. Applications for 2023 Research Grants will be open in mid-2022.

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Guest speaker grants

As an Epworth employee or VMO lead the facilitation of hosting a national or international speaker or expert in their field to address the Epworth community

Minimum of 2 grants, up to $20,000 each

Applications for 2022 Guest speaker grants are now closed. Applications for 2023 Guest speaker grants will be open in mid-2022.

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Innovation grants – EPIC

Opportunity for Epworth VMOs and employees to lead a project that investigates and transforms that way that services and care are delivered at Epworth.

Various discipline specific grants – Mental Health, Cancer and ICU.

Applications for 2022 Innovation grants are now closed. Applications for 2023 Innovation grants will be open in mid-2022.

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Doctor's grants

Doctor grants are available to accredited VMO’s and employed Doctors at Epworth to support their professional development.

This may include:

  • Traveling to national or international centres of excellence to learn new procedures or techniques
  • Undertaking further study or training
  • Attending a national or international conference

Applications for 2022 Doctors grants are now closed. Applications for 2023 Doctors Grants will open in mid-2022.

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VMO Summit Program

A program for accredited Epworth VMO’s to build leadership capability and the ability to lead innovation, while fostering a deeper sense of engagement and belonging at Epworth.

Bespoke program in partnership with Monash Business School

Next intake TBC (24 Epworth doctors).

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Patient support fund 

Epworth employees are able to seek funding to run a pilot that will complement the exceptional clinical care provided to our patients.

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Ethel Gray Benevolent Fund

A fund that is available to provide financial support to Epworth patients, their family and our employees during a time of need.

Ongoing applications as required.