We need your help to raise $328,770 to purchase a BK Ultrasound System, and it’s used in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

The number of people coming to our hospitals for treatment has increased. And this last year has seen record breaking numbers of men seeking diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer.

Our Urology departments at Epworth are some of the most highly regarded in the country. But to maintain that level of care in the face of an increase in demand we need to purchase additional equipment.

And the priority for our surgeons and theatre teams is the BK Ultrasound System. It will be installed in our Epworth Freemasons theatres and used to help diagnose prostate cancer and innovative new treatments being pioneered at Epworth.

As Dr Yee Chan, an Epworth Urologist told me this piece of equipment is “a key tool and critical part of diagnosing and treating patients with prostate cancer.”

The need for this equipment is growing every day.

The BK Ultrasound System provides such clear, accurate and detailed images it gives the surgeon the best resource to determine which treatment is appropriate for the patient. And choosing the right treatment option is crucial to achieving a successful outcome.

Dr Yee Chan explains “If the cancer is small in volume and deemed low grade, i.e. It’s not aggressive, we do what’s called active surveillance. We watch to see how the disease is progressing and we do that with regular PSA testing, repeat MRI’s and biopsies using the BK System.”

There is another group of patients who, if they meet the criteria of treatment may qualify for one of two new, innovative treatments carried out at the hospital. They are the NanoKnife and Brachytherapy.

These exciting treatments available at Epworth make us one of the leading hospitals in the country in the treatment of prostate cancer. And both treatments rely on the BK Ultrasound System to provide the images of the prostate in order to achieve the best outcome.

It’s a vital piece of equipment used in caring for our urology patients. It’s used day in and day out. And by purchasing another BK Ultrasound System we can treat even more patients as soon as it’s installed.

As soon as we have reached our goal of raising $328,770, we will place the order for the BK Ultrasound System. And when it arrives and is unpacked it will be put straight to use.

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