Number available:  Up to 20


  • Gynaecology Research Grant – up to $110,000
  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Grant – up to $55,000
  • Cardiology Research Grant – up to $50,000
  • Prostate Cancer Research Grant - up to $50,000
  • Early Career Researcher Capacity Building Grants - $30,000 each, multiple available
    These grants are aimed at supporting Epworth researchers to undertake projects that will allow them to gain experience in research
  • Pilot Research Grants – $10,000 each, multiple available
    These grants are aimed at supporting Epworth researchers to undertake pilot studies that will define whether a project is feasible or worth pursuing further

Who can apply: Epworth employees and accredited Epworth VMOs whose primary private practise is at Epworth.

Application period: Friday 10 July - Monday 10 August 2020.


  1. build research capacity at Epworth and
  2. produce outcomes that will be directly relevant to Epworth’s clinical service delivery.

The Epworth Medical Foundation proudly funds over 80% of research activity at Epworth.

To be eligible to apply for a research grant the project must be primarily undertaken at Epworth and the Principal Investigator must be an Epworth employee or accredited VMO with the majority of their private practice at Epworth. 

Question can be directed to Gary Layton (Research Operations Manager) – 0403 565 000 or [email protected] 


Research grant application form

Word document version

In addition to Epworth Research grants the Epworth Medical Foundation works with research groups to secure external funds to support their research activity on an ongoing basis. Key research Centres which exist with thanks to philanthropy include:

  • E.J.Whitten Foundation Prostate Cancer Research Centre at Epworth - a partnership dedicated to improving treatment for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • Molecular Oncology and Cancer Immunology Department - A partnership with the Snowdome Foundation to support the research into new treatments.
  • Centre for Paediatric Allergies - A partnership to create change and improve outcomes for children with food allergies.
  • Victor Smorgon Epworth Institute of Education and Research - Supports the ongoing appointment of 3 clinical chairs who are responsible for furthering research, policy development and professional activities at Epworth.
  • Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health - Develops innovative and effective mental health treatments, harnessing neuroscience technology to make a new era of treatment options available.