We are seeking to upgrade our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Epworth Eastern, and our goal is to increase patients cared for in this department from around 850 to 1,300 patients every year.

We really need your help to raise $311,000 to make this possible.

ICU’s are really amazing places. They are teams made up of a huge number of our clinical staff, all focussed on a single goal of helping our sickest patients get better.

As Dr Stephen Warrillow, Co-Director of Epworth Eastern ICU reflects:

“We look after the sickest patients in the hospital which is an immense responsibility and a privilege. We also support their families during what is often the worse time of their lives.”

“We’re the cavalry that people call when there’s a crisis. We’re one of the few parts of the hospital that interact with every other part. We work with all of the surgeons, the physicians and nurses on the wards. We attend to patient emergencies on the ward and make critical assessments to determine what intensive care a patient needs.”

Caring for these incredibly sick patients is incredibly hard work which requires the most talented, committed, experienced and compassionate doctors and nurses to achieve the outcomes we want to see for our patients.

We are so lucky because we have these amazing doctors and nurses working in our ICU’s.

Your donation today will help us expand the Epworth Eastern ICU and make a real difference to the care we provide to our sickest patients.

Your gift is so critical. Please make a donation today.

Donations are tax deductible, subject to eligibility criteria. Please refer to ATO's Gifts and donations policy. (PDF 288KB)