After two years of responding to COVID, Epworth now needs to respond to the many thousands of patients in our community who need surgeries.

I’ve been working at Epworth for more than 10 years now, and I can truthfully say this is the busiest I’ve ever seen our hospitals. We know the need for surgery is enormous, and we know we’ve got a big job in front of us, but we will rise to this challenge.

Our surgical teams have the talent, the experience, and the personal dedication to go above and beyond on behalf of their patients. But they need your help to purchase new equipment that can keep pace with this extraordinary demand.

“In the community there are thousands of patients who have been waiting many months and longer to have their procedures done,” says Mei Romary, Director of Perioperative Services at Epworth Richmond.

“Everyone has always joked that the return to surgery at 100 percent means that we work at 120 or 150 percent,” she told me. Then she added, “I think we’re all ready for that.”

Mei and her team desperately need more surgical equipment to help cope with the enormous demand for surgeries they are now facing.

This is one of the most urgent requests we’ve ever made of you, and Epworth really needs your generous donation today.

“Having enough state-of-the-art equipment means that we can provide more patients with the best care and the shortest wait-times, ultimately helping to give them the best possible outcomes from their surgery,” says Mei.

Our surgeons and theatre staff are ready to step up and perform this much-needed surgery for thousands of patients, and I ask you to donate today.

The total cost of the equipment we need is $1,085,970

This will be used to purchase:

  • 5 x Olympus Scope Fleet Gastroscopes, which provide advanced diagnostic features and help us meet ever-growing demand
  • And another 5 x Olympus Scope Fleet colonoscopes, which give a wider focusing range and better visibility than ever before, while again meeting growing demand
  • We’ll buy another 8 x syringe pumps. These are small but integral pieces of equipment used to administer intravenous medications while patients (including children) are under anaesthetic
  • Another 2 x ERBE machines, enabling the use of “hot” snares and biopsies, coagulation of ulcers and polyps, controlling gastrointestinal bleeds, and pancreatic or binary stenting
  • As many as 5 x Stryker System 8 Drills and Saws, precision equipment replacing our older models that results in more precise surgeries for orthopaedics, and decreases the risk of procedure delay
  • There’ll be 4 x Piezourgery Plus ultrasound devices, cutting-edge equipment that is used to cut bone and drill holes in a variety of surgical procedures
  • We need 8 x Hem-o-lock clip appliers, used to occlude vessels to stop bleeding in robotic, major open and laparoscopic general surgical procedures
  • And 7 x Frontal malleable and trephines. These are fine ear, nose and throat surgical instruments used for frontal sinus work
  • Another 2 x Synthes EPENs, devices that can be hand-held or foot operated, and provide a wide variety of functions across multiple surgical specialities, including maxilla-facial surgeries
  • And finally, another 4 x cardiac surgical trays, because in minimally-invasive cardiac surgery, every movement of the hand must be precise. Additional trays will reduce the immense burden to sterilise and return the equipment in time to operate on the next patient on the list
All of this equipment will be used every single day in our theatres. Please make a donation today so we can start raising the funds needed to buy it.

Donations are tax deductible, subject to eligibility criteria. Please refer to ATO's Gifts and donations policy. (PDF 288KB)