An endowment is a very special gift – one that keeps on giving to our patients forever. We carefully invest each and every endowed gift we receive, and use the investment earnings to keep giving our patients world-class care every year thereafter. This enables us to create a permanent legacy of care in your name, your family’s name or the name of a loved one.

The annual returns from just one gift can support an activity or area of your choosing forever. Some of the most popular areas endowments support are:

State of the art equipment

Having the most advanced medical equipment and technology helps us to give our patients the best care. We rely on philanthropic funds to purchase more than a third of all new medical equipment.


More than 150 perpetual scholarships to enable our staff to be their best and give our patients exceptional care.

Research grants

Donations fund 80 per cent of more than 250 research projects into critical areas of health such as cancer, mental health, cardiac care and obstetrics underway at Epworth. The more we understand, the better we can care for our patients.

Doctor/registrar grants

Grants are awarded to outstanding doctors to enable them to undertake research or training, or to gain exposure to new techniques and treatments to bring to patients at Epworth.

Innovation grants

Funding for innovative projects that pioneer future medical care, including new surgical techniques, equipment, technologies and treatment trials is made available through the Epworth Innovation Centre (EPIC).

Compassionate care

Donations help to ensure the holistic care of our patients, because we understand that a return to health means supporting.