Funds raised by our Patient Care Partners make a world of difference across the life of our hospitals and numerous specialist centres. As a Patient Care Partner, we'll keep you up-to-date on all the latest happenings at Epworth so you can see how your support is making a difference.

As a valued regular giver, you will receive:

  • Access to useful health-related information and advice from Epworth experts
  • A newsletter featuring Epworth news and health-related articles (twice yearly)
  • A visit from a staff member at the Foundation if you are ever admitted to hospital
  • Invitations to attend Epworth's dynamic Research Week symposium
  • Invitations to seminars and tours hosted by Epworth's expert clinicians
  • Invitations to social functions organised by Epworth auxiliaries and volunteers 

How your generosity helps

  • Educating the next generation: Epworth is committed to being a leading academic and teaching hospital, and your donations help Epworth to be one of the largest training hospitals in the country
  • Funding medical research: Donations pay for 80% of all medical research at Epworth, allowing Epworth patients potential opportunities to take part in treatment trials that may deliver health outcomes above what could be achieved in a standard clinical setting
  • Helping people in need: Donations allow us to operate several compassionate programs helping patients struggling financially. Your support assists patients with the costs of travelling to their appointments, recovering from traumatic medical events and coping with the emotional side of serious illnesses like cancer
  • Purchasing new equipment: Donations help purchase more than a third of all new medical equipment at Epworth, ensuring patients access the best in medical and technological advances as they are treated
  • Upgrading facilities: Donations help upgrade and improve our facilities so that they are always meeting the needs of patients and medical staff

Making a regular gift

If you would like to become a Patient Care Partner and make regular gifts to Epworth Medical Foundation, contact Kathleen Lambrick on 03 9426 8170 or [email protected].