When you're pregnant

New parents are exposed to an enormous amount of information from different sources throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

With family and friends offering advice with the best of intentions based on their own experiences and the internet providing limitless content based on popular search topics, it is easy to see how parents can become overwhelmed and confused.

It is not uncommon for parents to search for answers on the internet or seek guidance from someone close to them, but unless the information is coming from an expert like a midwife, how can we be sure that it is accurate and safe for our babies?

Aches, pains and swelling during pregnancy

Staying active during pregnancy

Packing your hospital bag

Taking care of yourself after having a baby

After childbirth

To help ease transition from hospital to home, Epworth Maternity created a series of mobile midwife videos on pregnancy and the postnatal period to support new parents. The learning videos were produced with decades of clinical midwifery expertise as well as practical knowledge based advice.

The series is broken down into individual two minute videos which cover everyday newborn topics like feeding, nappy changing, bathing, dressing and swaddling, plus topics for mums like self-care, exercise, nutrition and partner support.

The early days survival guide

Post-Caesarean recovery

Pelvic floor support

Healthy bladder and bowel function

Strengthening abdominal muscles

Returning to exercise

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Caring for your new bub

Expressing breast milk

Healthy eating guide for new mums

The fourth trimester

Swaddling your baby

Dressing your baby

Support from your partner

How to change your baby's nappy

How to bath your baby

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